Plan your Trip

Thinking of traveling to Thailand? Planning a trip to Thailand by yourself is easier than you might think. Thailand has a lot to offer - wonderful destinations, good accommodations, delicious local food, amazing cultural festivals and the warm friendly people. You will definitely find there something for yourself.


Thailand conjures images of white sand beaches and cerulean waters, peaceful temples, and lush mountain jungles. In Bangkok, a 21st-century playground, the scent of spicy street food fills the air, and the Grand Palace recalls the country's traditions. Outside the capital, the wonders of the countryside enchant, whether you are elephant trekking in...

Thailand Events & Festivals

Thailand is a country hosting numerous festivals. Cultural festivals and travel events as well as sports and many other events from around Thailand.


There's something for everyone in Thailand, with each region offering its own range of adventure and delight just waiting to be discovered. You will find practically many types of lodging you can imagine in Thailand, from basic hostels to luxury resorts. All the big international chains are represented, and there are plenty of locally owned boutiqu...


Itineraries are complete with easy day trip options, this itinerary will give you a good taste of the country’s highlights, with warm hospitality, beautiful beaches, culinary delights, tropical islands, gilded temples and incredible wildlife. Read on for how to plan a trip to Thailand.

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